A wedding dress trunk show can be the perfect opportunity for a bride to find that one-of-a-kind wedding dress that speaks to her personality. A trunk show is a special event where a designer will arrange to show and sell their new dresses at a bridal boutique. Brides can make an appointment to view the collection. Most bridal boutiques only carry a handful of designers so allowing trunk shows can attract more brides to their shop and provide them with more options to help them select the wedding dress of their dreams.

Benefits of a Wedding Dress Trunk Show

Wedding dress trunk shows are widely sought events for a number of reasons. Some of the best benefits of attending a trunk show include:

Getting Better Sale Prices

Designers will hold trunk shows not only to introduce their new designs to the public and promote their brand but also to gain more sales. The nature of a trunk show reduces the designer’s amount of overhead on the dresses allowing them to provide better sales for possible buyers. Since the prices can be lower when a designer is attempting to gain more exposure, it is important to take advantage of these offerings when you can.

Being Able to Find the Newest Styles

When a designer arranges a trunk show, it is to release their newest design lines. Some of these pieces may have yet even to hit stores as the designer may be trying to gauge interest and get feedback on what may be the best selling items to place in stores. Choosing your dress from more recently released designs will provide you with the opportunity to have a more unique dress without having to pay the cost of having a custom-made dress.

Finding More Affordable Prices on Designer Dresses

Every bride would love to walk down the aisle in a designer dress and sometimes one of the first questions observers may ask is what designer the bride will be wearing. Unfortunately, designer wedding dresses can be costly sometimes getting into a range that would make them cost prohibitive for many wedding budgets. Since prices at trunk shows are often sale prices to get the new designs out into the public and push the designers’ brand many brides who might not have been able to afford a designer dress may now have it as an option.

Being Able to Talk to the Actual Designer

The designer will most likely attend the trunk show so they can get feedback on the designs and discuss with brides what may work for future designs. The presence of the designer can be extremely beneficial to the bride as well. If a bride likes a dress but would like some alterations or possible customization, they will be able to directly talk to the designer to determine if the alterations would be feasible or if the designer would be willing to make certain customization to specific designs.

Don’t Miss the Next Bridal Trunk Show

If you are a bride-to-be or part of a bridal party make sure to take advantage of trunk show offerings whenever you can. For those looking for a bridal trunk show Phoenix don’t miss the upcoming Allure Dress Trunk Show featuring their Wilderly Collection. You can choose to visit the show on May 18th19th, or 20th by scheduling an appointment to see the amazing offerings and walk out with some fantastic deals.